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Some free music to accompany my comics.

Right click and "save link as..." to download.

Chapter 1
1. The Observatory
2. The Girl at Work
3. Find Comet
4. Things Are Gonna Be Different From Now On...
Chapter 2
1. Late Breakfast
2. Time to Start Enjoying What's Left of Life
3. Night at The Plough
4. Lily's Discovery
Chapter 3
1. Walking Home in Rain
2. Scuffle Outside T' Pub
3. Star Gazing With a Beautiful Woman
4. I Really Like Her
Chapter 4
1. Comet Approaching
2. Astronomical Objects and Arguments
3. Meteorites
4. Sleep

By 'Eck!

A spooky track to accompany my 2011 comic, By 'Eck!

Summat Strange is Goin' On


A track to accompany the four page strip I contributed to David O'Connell's lovely anthology, ink+PAPER!


In 2011 I was lucky enough to represent The Republic of Cacophonov in the Eurovision Song Contest with the hit single, Boom! Boom! Shakey! Shakey!

We were disqualified for repeating the chorus seventeen times and running over the time limit.

But you can listen to the song and download it for free here!

Or watch the YouToob video and sing along!

Yes! Hugo Ticklikoff is back for another Eurovision outing with the haunting Mystery Lover! And this time, his very good friend, MC Skratchikoff, guest features!

You can listen to or download Mystery Lover here!

Or sing along with the YouTube video here!

The Telly Addicts was a project started by me and Barbs a few years ago. These were done over the internet (he sent me some music, I added vocals and other bits) and are very rough and ready. And yes, they're supposed to be cheesy.
I am currently rehearsing with a band to put together a live version of this...

1. Home and Away
2. Cheers
3. Run With Us
4. Chip 'N' Dale - Rescue Rangers
5. The Littlest Hobo
6. Heathcliff


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